Integrations

The sign-in feature allows you to connect to popular services such as Facebook or Google to faster registration and sign-in.

How it Works

You can sign-in or sign up with Facebook or Google from our login page.  After initially connecting to a service you will be able to quickly and easily login without needing to remember passwords.  Simply select the sign-in option you want to use.

What Makes it Work?

OAuth 2.0 is the industry-standard protocol for authorization.  It's a simple way to publish and interact with protected data and also offers a safer and more secure way for access.  Prior to OAuth, the pattern for granting access to your account by a third party was to simply give it your password.  Giving third party your passwords poses and obvious problem.  OAuth eliminates the password issue by granting an authorization token.  You can learn more about OAuth 2.0 history and process in this guide.

What if I Don't Want Single Sign-On?

You can simply enable/disable enable/disable it at any time simply via the Account > Security Settings section of the client area.

What if I already have an existing account?

You can simply link your account for single sign-on in your Profile > Security Settings.  From here you can connect your account with any of the available sign-in services, as well as view any connected accounts and un-link them should you desire to.
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