What is an add-on Domain

An Add-on domain is a domain name that can be added to your primary domain name hosting account.  Add-on domains are handled in a similar way to sub-domains as far as the server files are concerned but to everyone else that visits your addon domain, it will look as if it's hosted on it's own hosting account.  Basically an addon domain is piggy backing off of your primary domain and is basically a subdomain that looks like it's own domain to the site visitor.

Add-on Domain Benefits

  • Ability to create multiple domains/websites on the same webhosting account
  • Save money on hosting have one hosting account login
  • Add-on domains share all the same resources as your Primary Domain or web hosting account
  • Several ways of accessing your add-on domain
    • http://www.YOUR-ADD-ON-DOMAIN.com
    • http://www.ADD-ON-DOMIAN.PRIMARY-DOMAIN.com

How to create an Add-On Domain

First, you have to have a registered domain name and the nameservers must be pointed to the same nameservers as your primary hosting account.  If you've just changed your nameservers this could take between 20 minutes to 48 hours to propagate through the web.

  1. Login to your cpanel, (control panel) and scroll down to add-on domains
  2. Fille in the New Domain field with your ADDON Domain
  3. Your directory field will automatically be filled in with the domain.  You can change this to whatever you wish.  Typically, I just leave the .com or the domain extension off the end of it.
  4. Create a password - You'll more than likely not use this password.
  5. Click the 'Add Domain' button and wait until it approves and sets up the addon domain.
  6. Once this is complete, your new add-on domain is ready.

You can access your addon domain as described above.  You may also set-up emails for your addon domain as if it were a separate site.  Mail servers would be:  mail.addon-domain.com

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